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Providing a space to share well-being related experiences to help those in similar situations.

For the first episode of Kind on Mind I'm joined by Ria who discusses her experience of migraines and mental health.

Andy from Norfolk shares his journey with mental health following his diagnosis of functional neurological disorder (FND).

Australia-based accountant Emma talks to me about her experience of disordered eating, body image and associated mental health.

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Nobody knew that I spoke publicly to local media about my OCD until this was published.

Steph speaks to me about their identity and we discuss a whole lot more, to how we met at 16 to Steph being named 'Lecturer of the Year 2022', finding community and even discussing my own journey with sexuality.

Introducing the voice behind the podcast. Brought to you by me, Stephen, a 31-year-old man, following a big wake up call.

If you would like to know what inspired me to start this project, check out my blog post here.

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