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I am so proud of myself for the progress that I have made not just in the last few months, but the dramatic changes I have seen in myself in the last 4 weeks.

I have gone from feeling a degree of continued isolation due to the on-going Covid mentality to being social, dating, eating out, doing 'fun things' like bowling and ice skating and getting to know someone.

Oh, and starting the gym a week ago today, and I've been 3 times since.

It really has given me a new lease of life almost and it's done no end for my confidence.

There was one particularly challenging day but in the grand scheme of everything, I have moved mountains within my mental health of late.

Nobody can really ever fully appreciate how much another person has altered their way of thinking. And I am so proud to see the changes that I've made in mine.

Oh, and on Tuesday, I went on the London tube unexpectedly, and I was absolutely fine (like back to normal!) before holding a speech to 860 people for work!


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